My 1 Million Row Challenge

Sunday, October 10, 2010

This Weekend

We have had a very enjoyable weekend. Yesterday Eric, Natalie, Nancy and I went to Tucson Meet Yourself in it's new expanded format. The food was great. We caught one Motown cover group. I was a shame that they did not have a CD or I would have had 1 less gift to buy for Eric. We seemed to walk forever and it still amazes me that people will cut off a wheelchair thinking I can stop on a dime and not hit them by accident. Look at it this way if you can not stop your car on a dime what chance do I have pushing a 80+ pound wheelchair with and 80+ pound boy and all the mobile equipment we take every where. A good time was had by all, but a little more shade would have been great. We did stop by a local favorite Eegee's for their signature slush's on the way home. It was a nice treat from Nancy.  Nancy and Natalie enjoy the flavor of the month black raspberry and I stuck with my standby pina colada.

I have to admit after pushing Eric up and down ramps, bridges and all over Tucson Meet Yourself I did take a nap when we got home. Eric also did not want to unwind from such a fun day. So we were up till all hours and I did cheat on today's chores. I started the laundry while I was waiting for Eric to go to sleep. I got 2 loads done, but I would have rather had the sleep.

Today was a very kick back day with brunch at China Phoenix for Dim Sum (Chinese dishes that involves small individual portions of food) at Oracle and Ina in the Safeway shopping center. The food was good as usual. As usual we ordered way too much and took some home for tomorrow. I think I really did plan on taking some home, I just hoped that we would have a few more footballs to take home.

Since it was right there I went to Safeway while John stayed and helped Eric finish his lunch. The timing worked out perfectly. I had finished most of my shopping by the time the guys caught up with me. Eric and I then spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying the great out doors. 

Yes I did spend some time knitting this weekend and even finished 3 projects. Well I hear the rest of the laundry calling me. So have a great evening and enjoy your families.