My 1 Million Row Challenge

Monday, September 20, 2010

Life's Unexpected Lessons

Power failures are never fun, but at least if they happen in the middle of the night you would think that every one would sleep through it. Well last night the power went out a little after 10 pm and it woke Eric up. Not only did the battery back up on the computer start to beep but Eric became very fussy.

It took me about 30 minutes to figure out how to turn off the power interrupt alarm.  However in the dark it was hard to figure out and I was turning it every which way to find the button that was on the front with the bell. I plan on putting a bright sticker on the front for the next time it happens.

After calling the power company and finding we were not in the main area of the power outage and sending the report in the nice automated voice said it would be about 4 hours before power was restored. So on to the cranky Eric.

I tried to explain to Eric that the power was not necessary to sleep. That his kangaroo had enough power to last until the power went back on. That the house was nice and quiet enough to sleep. I also explained that Tucson Electric Power would get everything working by morning before he had to go to school.

I held his hand, rocked him the best I could, held him but nothing seemed to work. At around 2 am the power came back on and he went straight to sleep. The worst part of the whole 4 hours is that everything I had cast on my knitting needles was in dark colored yarn, which I am sure you know is not great to knit with in moonlit rooms.

But this also got me thinking why I could not get Eric to sleep in the almost total quiet while John slept through the whole thing. After mulling it over for quiet a while it dawned on me that with no sight and relying totally on his hearing the hums of the motors and other electric gadgets were his "visual" world. As we rely on sight he relies on his hearing to give him the most accurate assessment of his surroundings. Even being safe in bed without the ambient noise that we tune out his world was turned upside down.

Eric did stay home today not because of the lost sleep but because we are dealing with the cold de jour and the eyrping that seems to go along with it. Now it is time to go do  a little cleaning before the nurse leaves for the day.

Have a nice evening and enjoy your families.