My 1 Million Row Challenge

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dead Sewing Machine

Well I took the sewing machine into the shop today to try and get it fixed. They said it could not be fixed.  Since they said it was beyond repair in their opinion, but I could pay them $200.00 to look at it!  I might just tear the dang thing apart myself and see if I can fix it. After all they said it was to broke to fix, so how much worse could I make it?

So they said they had a new Brother sewing machine for $700.00 which is a bit pricey in my book  They seemed down right mad that I would just not hand them $700.00 plus tax with out consulting my hubby. Well for that boo boo on there part if I do get a new machine it will be through e-bay, a local pawn shop or thrift store. I just don't see why sales people need to talk down to their customers, after all we are their paychecks, our purchases fuel their jobs. By the way the same sewing machine on e-bay was at least $200.00 less.

Well I am off to look at the product reviews to see if the machine is even worth the asking price on e-bay. Now if I can just get someone to carry in the machine from the car so I can fiddle with it.