My 1 Million Row Challenge

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Waiting for My ipod to Charge

While waiting for My i- pod to charge to charge to night I will give a quick update of the rest of the week.

Tuesday went a whole lot better than Monday I made progress on the hat for Eric's camp counselor.

Wednesday got even better I was on a roll on the hat, the house got some attention. Eric's pod also got some attention 50 new songs were ripped in for a total somewhere over 2600 songs with no duplicates. I also learned that I can not flip from Eric's account to mine during the download process or everything and I do mean everything just stops down loading and aborts the job.

Thursday and Friday I got a whole lot of knitting done. I also found some time to make some new stitch markers. I hope to get some of them listed tomorrow or early next week. Friday was also a wonderful day for Eric, he got to give the big check to Ronald McDonald for the money he and his camp group raised for the Tucson Ronald McDonald's Children's House. They raised well over $500.00 to help the sick kids and their families. Eric and his friends were very excited to meet Ronald live and in person.

I was 5 rows from the end of the chart today when I dropped a stitch I could not recover so the whole hat had to be ripped out. I did manage to get all the ribbing re-done plus 5 more rows this afternoon and evening. This is a very challenging pattern for me but it will be done by Friday, the last day of camp.

Well I think my i-pod has enough charge to last a few hours so good night and enjoy your families.