My 1 Million Row Challenge

Friday, July 23, 2010

Not a Nickle Short

Last night we went to the Elton John concert. I bought the tickets months ago and the concert was delayed one day due to food poisoning, not me it was Elton. We were seated in the rafters, I know this for a fact because there were not any rows of seats behind us.

John, Eric and I had a great time. The TCC Arena was packed. All was good. Elton claimed his concert was a nickle short but aside from 2 quick breaks everything was wonderful. The music was wonderful, the back up band was excellent. The solos were awesome.

I did notice that since his last concert in Tucson the audience has gotten a little grayer, except for us of course we are not any older. I did bring my knitting but it was promptly put away when the music started.

Ear protection firmly in place we sat back and enjoyed the music, until it was time to dance in the aisles, yes after all these years the music still holds up well. Eric seemed a little shocked that one of his favorite movies had music by Elton John, he really enjoyed Circle of Life.

John had an app for Candle in the Wind and joined all the pod users in the new millenniums equivalent of last century's lighter wave. John really enjoyed the concert too, but had to get up for work this morning. I feel a little guilty for sleeping in until  7 am this morning.

The base was up so high that we not only heard the music but Eric's chair picked up on the vibrations too. So I am getting ready to bring a tired child to camp and then doing some serious knitting today.

Thank you Sir Elton John and Band for a wonderful night. Everyone else have a great day and enjoy your families.