My 1 Million Row Challenge

Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Very Long Night

Last night was a very long night with Eric. Usually I can manage to get him to sleep by midnight, which is fine. I can knit, play word games, surf, do laundry find someone to chat with on Twitter. After 1 am those options seem to run out. I become too tired to do things that require a lot of thought. So I have come up with a list of quiet chores to do after 1 am. When everyone else is sleeping and I have to be wide awake to deal with the things that come up.

First there are thing that never should be done after 11 pm. These include paying bills, running any noisy appliances such as the vacuum. Watching anything on TV or TiVo that I want to comprehend. Knitting after midnight seems to leave my hands too tired to do anything the next day or two so that ends at about 11 pm. Sorting through paper work is also a no go unless I want to do the work twice.

So my list of quiet chores includes some of the following folding laundry, no critical thinking involved. Doing laundry, but unfortunately last night I was actually caught up on laundry. I also pick up around the house.So at around 2 am I came up the absolutely brilliant idea to mop the hallway and entryway. The plus side is that it needed to be done and the floor would be guaranteed to stay clean until at least 6 am when the day starts. With the hall floor mopped I moved on to the laundry room and did the worst spots in the kitchen. I admit it I am a wimp it was 3 am and I was beyond tired. So I did a little dusting and Eric was finally asleep at 3:30 am. Well I did manage to get to sleep till 6 am, wow a whole 2 and 1/2 hours. When Eric’s aide arrived at 6 am I managed to get a little more sleep until 8 am. For a total of 4 and 1/2 hours.

Good I had enough sleep to get me through the day, but not a lot would get accomplished. Around 9 am I struck the parents ideal, Eric who had been up most of the night sick for what I still cannot figure out finally took a nap. I got 4 more hours of blissful sleep. Then things started to get done again. Eric seems a lot more comfortable tonight. I am really hoping for a real night’s sleep, The kind where I get 6 to 8 hours in one stretch, only time will tell.

Well enjoy your families and have a goodnight.