My 1 Million Row Challenge

Monday, May 24, 2010

A Wonderful Day

Today was a very busy day. I started off at the Honda dealership for what I thought was 1 recall and got there to find that there were actually 2. But they were done in less time than I had thought. I finished 1 UFO and almost finished a second ufo when they were done with my car.

Then off to Target for a high school graduation gift for Eric’s friend Eric H. They have been friends since pre-school. I cannot believe that they are getting that old. Of course I am not getting any older, just my kids are getting older; it must be some physics anomaly that they have not bothered to figure out yet.

I did get a great deal at CVS today; there were a lot of buy one get one free items and a lot of coupons. My total savings was $77.43, and some things I will not have to buy again for 6 months.

After a quick lunch the decision was made that there were no good movies in the theater. So I took Eric to the park today. We went to Jacob’s park which has the Milagro playground. If you have not been it is wonderful for children in wheelchairs. It is completely ramped and even has a rocking boat for parents who cannot lift their children out of their chairs for the regular swings. Our local Rotary Club did a great job on the design and installation of the play area. Eric and Kayla had a great time running around the structure and using the rocking boat. I on the other hand got more knitting done. I almost got another scarf done.

I know that I knit more scarf’s, poncho’s blankets and hats than my family could possibly use but I keep knitting them anyway knowing that the right person will get the right item in the long run. G’D has a habit of making that happen on a regular basis.

I did things backwards today and did my errands first. Well it is time to start the chores for the day. Have a great evening and enjoy your families.