My 1 Million Row Challenge

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Another Day of Cleaning

Well another day of very vigorous cleaning is done. I am too tired to move. Maybe John will take pity on me and help me make the guest room bed. The guest room door was suppose to remain closed when my sister and mom came for the weekend, but I have cleaned, dusted and vacuumed the guest room for my little sister, my mom will borrow Teri’s room for the weekend, not that she is using her room at the moment. Since we have run out of beds, anyone who is under the age of 10 will be sleeping on the floor.

I am really hoping that John does not mind that I borrowed a little closet space of his just until the company is gone. I had to give my sister some place to hang her clothes.

With a few more hours of cleaning most people who know me well will not recognize the house. With all this cleaning done after company leaves, I plan on working on my quilt; after all there is plenty of empty floor space now. I will have plenty of time for other crafts too. So look out UFO’s and yarn bins you are in my target. I want to fill up my charity knitting bags and my ArtFire shop with new items.

When I find my body (someone replaced my body with blocks of cement) I will do some more cleaning tonight. Since we normally do not have kids in the house I will have to move my meds out of sight and reach. I think I will temporally rearrange John’s closet shelf’s to accommodate this. Well this sounds like more work to me. So off I go.

Have a great evening and enjoy your families.