My 1 Million Row Challenge

Friday, March 5, 2010

Cafe Tremolo

After Friday Fun Knitters we went to a new restaurant in Tucson called Café Tremolo. It has only been open for 3 weeks and they are still trying to sort out the menu and fine tune it. Even though they are fine tuning the menu, this is a place you have got to go to. Everything was fresh. The food tasted crisp and the flavor just was one explosion of flavor after another. The iced tea has a wonderful flavor and required no sugar, it was brewed to prefection.

Our waiter said that everything was fresh including the roast beef which they roasted themselves. The Kitchen is open so you can see what they are doing, so I walked past the kitchen and saw a very clean work area, they were well organized and worked in great harmony. The hamburger patties were huge and formed by hand, not by machine as many places use. Judy said the hamburger was very good and trimmed off the portion that was too big for the bun. Natalie had the lox and bagel platter which was present very nicely with onions, plenty of crème cheese, an egg and many more things. Most of the table had the saffron rice and sautéed shrimp dish which appeared to be very good, every one finished it to the last drop. I had the tuna salad sandwich which was very good, but a tad on the huge side. My sandwich was served with Jicama slaw which was made with jicama, carrots, cilantro and a sweet vinegar dressing. The salad was a wonderful taste sensation with each vegetable having a very crisp and distinct taste; I could have made a meal of it. They even came up with a dairy free dessert. A wonderful brownie surrounded by fruit. It was enough for 2 and Judy graciously agreed to share it with me.

Café Tremolo is located at 7401 N. La Cholla Blvd., Ste 152 Their telephone number is (520) 742-2999 The are on the east side of the Foothills Mall at Ina and La Cholla Blvd. They are open for lunch and dinner. This is defiantly one place that I will go to again. Please give this newly opened local business a try, it is worth a drive.

My disclamer: I went to Cafe Tremolo with friends and paid for the meal myself. They had no idea that they were being reviewed. The views expressed here are my own.
Have a good day and enjoy your families.