My 1 Million Row Challenge

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Why Don't Things last forever?

It has been a very good day today. If you can’t tell Eric slept for most of the night and I got a lot of running around done today. Eric and I almost finished watching the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. Vancouver you have a very nice city. I shall add your city to a list of places I would like to go someday.

I was in the throwing mood so before and during breakfast I went through a lot of papers and made a good start to filling the recycling barrel. The bad news is my recycling basket is starting to fall apart; I will have to look and see what basket we can destroy next in the name of recycling. You should not feel bad for this basket though I have had it since my first apartment in 198? and it was a hand me down way back then. Don’t you just hate it when things wear out before their time? I sure do, things I like are suppose to last forever. I think I will add the quilt on my bed to that list; I made it the year before Teri was born and it has the audacity to start falling apart this year when she is only in her first year of grad school. And I can only blame the poor workmanship on myself. Well a new one will have to be added to the long term to do list.

To make the planning of the quilt more interesting if you will send me the names and or pictures of your favorite quilt blocks or patterns it would be very nice. I am also looking for something that has a lot of strip work and not any flowers. I want to make it husband friendly.

Well it is time to go and make dinner. So have a great evening and enjoy your families.