My 1 Million Row Challenge

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Not a Typical Thursday.

Well it has been a day of extreme highs and lows. The high's a very good lecture and fashion show by SWTC at knitting guild , lunch with friends and Eric’s big smile when he came off the bus. The weather was also wonderful. The lows having to deal with rude people who imply my life is screwed up when they make a mistake. Really is that necessary to insult your customers because your company screwed up?

I also discovered that I lost my cell phone today. I tore apart and cleaned out my car twice, my purse the counters, my closet floor, and all my knitting baskets and anywhere else I could think off. I even called my phone twice and it went straight to voice mail. No I don't know how long its been gone, this is how often I use it. So I am off to pick out a new phone and any suggestions would be lovely.

My hands are still sore from all the clapping at the Joshua Nelson concert last night. So instead of knitting I will be relaxing, yes I think I know what that word means.

So Have a good evening and enjoy your families and have a great evening.