My 1 Million Row Challenge

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Not a lot got done today. I went with friends out to breakfast and was reminded why we don’t go out for breakfast very often. I choose to avoid milk, eggs (they just don’t like me) and pork products, so there is not much left on the menu to eat. Don’t get me wrong the Good Egg at Orange Grove and Thornydale in Tucson has home fries worth going back to eat again, combined with a half an order of fruit and ice tea, it was not a bad meal.

We went off to the gem show and went to 2 different venues. Since I go to the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show more often than most of my friends I was the guide and the Navigation system rolled into one. I am glad that everyone found what they were looking for. I hope it gave me some street creds for being the lone Tucsonan in the group. We left just as it started to rain and by the time we were half way home I was glad that I was not driving.

With Eric’s help I listed more stitch markers in my Art Fire Studio; you will find the link on the side of my blog. I am up to 49 listed items and hope that something sells soon. Yes I know the pictures are not the best but I am getting better.Handmade~by~Sheri

So soup and something warm to go with it maybe homemade biscuits; for dinner.

Have a great evening and enjoy your families