My 1 Million Row Challenge

Monday, February 15, 2010

Is it Still Valentine's Day?

OK, I am the first to admit that I am very grumpy after a long night with Eric. A lot of knitting got done just not what I wanted to work on which is Teri’s blanket, but let’s face facts here it is impossible to keep a straight count when I am up and down, then throw in tired. So I worked on a plain square blanket that has 1 yarn over per row till I get to the middle, then the decreases start.

I finally got Eric to sleep at 5 am and took the luxury of sleeping till 7:30 am, just enough time to re-set up the pump – don’t ask, give meds and put Eric on the bus. Yes I really did put Eric on the bus; he was happy and feeling better. I was very tired and grumpy.

It was at lunch that I realized that I had skipped breakfast, actually I could not remember if I had eaten or not and was too tired to care or feel hungry. I went out with Marge and thankfully she drove. When we got to one of our favorite lunch spots we both order chicken tacos. What got delivered was chicken and cheese enchiladas. When I said that I did not order this the waitress got this old fashion I put this plate in front of you and you are going to eat it attitude, well she may have intimidated Marge, but I sent mine back and got what I ordered in the first place delivered with an attitude that did not belong in public. So this is my rant for today. Treat your customers with the respect you wish to be treated; after all they are paying your salary; and if you can’t do that please, please find a job without of public contact.

But the day was not all that bad. After lunch we stopped to pick up some medicine for Eric and this is where the Ganga* of the day kicked in. With Eric’s medicine I got a $25.00 gift card, that’s good but it got even better. I bought 3 packages of toilet paper marked down $5.00 per pack with my loyalty card and a bottle of Tylenol I had 2- $3.00 coupons with a $15.00 purchase, so I knocked off $21.00 off the total price and then used the gift card that they just gave me in the pharmacy to pay for it and still have a balance of $7.54 left on the gift card. So this was not a bad shopping trip for this tired mom.

Dinner is filet of leftover so I am not cooking tonight. I am off to try to play some Wii tennis if I can find the disc. So have a good night and enjoy your families.

*Ganga is slang in Tucson for a totally awesome deal.