My 1 Million Row Challenge

Monday, February 22, 2010

The Day That Went Through the Blender

The day started off well enough. Although I should have known that it was not going to continue when my hot cocoa boiled over in the microwave oven, let’s just say the microwave had more cocoa than I did. I even got my to do list written out and was busy going down the list in a decent fashion.

Then at 10:30 I got the call from school. It was not “Urgent” but Eric was not feeling well. I asked the inevitable question did I need to pick him up now. The answer was no, but I called his doctor to make a same day appointment anyway.

So I recalculated my to do list and took the most urgent errands that needed to be done and went to go get Eric from school. We got to the doctors with a few minutes to spare, enough time to add one round to my never ending socks for this winter, at this rate they will be finished for our first 105 degree day of the summer. Did I mention that they were Lorna’s laces wool. We got in and saw Eric’s doctor very fast but it was getting the lab samples from Eric that took over 2 hours. The lab test quick results came back very quickly. So prescription in hand I took Eric home and handed him off to his afternoon aide and ran to get the prescription.

Mean while I told John that he was in charge of dinner, that I did not have time to make the chili I had planned to make for dinner. So after deciding he did not want canned soup and tuna sandwiches he went out and picked up take out. I find it so wonderful that after an equally long and hard day that he would go out and get us a hot dinner. You have just got to love a man who does this.

Two quick loads of laundry later it was time to put my day in writing. Yes one phone call does frequently turn my day upside down. I think it is time to go find some yarn and try to unwind before midnight. So have a great night and enjoy your families.