My 1 Million Row Challenge

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Visit to Mom's

I am visiting with my mom this weekend. I t has been a great visit so far. Mom and I had a great day yesterday. Eatting out and shopping. I even found those elusive Cal King deep pocket sheets that I could not find in Tucson. Who would have thought you had to go to California to find them. My amazing mom found a shipping place so that I don't have to lug them through the airport, yeah mom.

I saw my younger brother, my sister-in-law and 2 of my nieces at lunch yesterday, I can not belive that their oldest is in 5th grade, I want to know how she got that old that fast. They are doing a great job with their girls.

We ate dinner at a local Italian restruant, Sergio's on Devonshire street in Chatsworth. If your are in the area the food is wonderful. I had the Vegi pizza with no cheese, it was an execellent choice, I have not seen a pizza piled that high with vegis in a long time. The salad bar was a very simple yet basic bar, the fresh beets were amazing. If you are in Los Angeles any time soon this is a must go to place.

I also managed to start a sock and knit 5 1/2 inches.  If I am lucky, I don't know if lucky is the word that I am looking for. I am going to turn the heal today. I am bad at heels, I guess I just need more practice.

Todays is going to be the hard part of the trip. We are going to the cemetary to visit dad. For me it is the first time since we left him there. I am bring two heart shaped rose quartz stones to leave for dad. I really hope that he likes them. It has been a hard year without him, but in my heart I know that he is still some place between great and fantistic.

Well I am off to start my day. Enjoy your families and have a great day.