My 1 Million Row Challenge

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Thing are "Starting to get back to "Normal"

Thing are "Starting to get back to "Normal" at least for this house. Eric had a long night but thankfully slept till 3:30 this afternoon , so I kinda got my style of rest. My style of rest is defined by start a load of laundry do some pick up followed by a short nap. Then a late breakfast followed by some more chores and knitting. All the while while keeping an eye on the sick child in case he decides to do anything funny, which was a no today. A late lunch and doing some prep work for Eric tonight, laying out supplies. It is 5:30 pm and I am so tired.  With a slow day like today I should be full of pep but can't wait for bed time.

Teri is back on track and I have started the 5th square of her blanket. I don't think I can get it done soon enough, it will be cold and rainy for her all week and the blanket is not even big enough to keep me warm yet.

I am still fighting the lingering effects of this cold, it has been a week now and I am tired of it. I think there should be a rule that colds can not last longer than a day or two.

It is almost time to make Eric's dinner, so have a great evening and enjoy your families.