My 1 Million Row Challenge

Saturday, January 30, 2010

I Think I might Just be Over my Head.

I am in over my head in on-line challenges, don’t get me wrong but I should really limit myself to one challenge at a time and maybe one project at a time. I just feel so scattered right now.

There is the traveling shawl twitter challenge, I think that I am doing ok in the pace that I am knitting it, but yesterday someone showed off her finished shawl, and I felt like a really bad knitter and very slow. The challenge started Wednesday and I am half way through the first third so I know that I should not feel bad, it should get done before the deadline. This is also my first lace work.

On another challenge for a stash buster project I choose to make a queen size blanket, I am making good progress on this and have started the second row of modular blocks. I only stopped knitting last night when my hands became too stiff to move. I know I will go through lots of yarn on this one and it should be done in time for a housewarming present for Teri’s first apartment. I told her it would take three to six months to finish so I don’t feel bad about the pace of this project.

On the fast track projects for charity knitting I finished two scarf’s this week and casted on a third one this morning. I do love knitting on size 11 needles for quick projects, I feel that I am really accomplishing something and the projects are small enough to take with me.

I have not worked on the socks this week; I think that I will finish them up after the shawl is done. I have also done enough hats for a while, I think that I could do them in my sleep and so I need to do other things.

I am off to organize things, it is almost the end of January and spring cleaning is right around the corner. The trend that I noticed this week was cleaning the craft/workrooms up, I am pretty sure that I should follow the flow on this one. So I am off to clean. I am just wondering if I should put all my UFO’s in one place or would that be too depressing?

Have a great weekend and enjoy your families.