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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Rules of My House

OK so this is not the most novel blog title. Of course we all know the standard rules of the house:

Rule number

1: Mom is always right. Rule number 2: If mom happens to be wrong, please refer to rule number 1.

These rules are geared more toward people who come into my house to take care of my son. These rules are in no particular order, but are all equally important. They are all a result of past incidents that have occurred in our home.

1. Please do not rearrange my furniture, I put it where it is because I like it there. You have not come in as a decorator.

2. Please do not encourage bad behavior in my son. We really like decorum in the house, and good manners are a large part of that.

3. Please do not laugh at bad behavior in my son for you own amusement. If you want amusement go to a movie on your own time.

4. Unless you have a lot of prior experience with children like my son do not tell me I am doing my job wrong, or am not using his equipment right. The doctors and the therapists have the last word on how we do many of these things.

5. I have been doing this job for over 19 years, I think I know what I am doing by now. And No, I really don't care how other parents run their houses or take care of their children. My concern is my son.

6. It is fine to discuss religion with me, but you will not bring religion up with my son. He knows where we come from and that is all that is important to us as a family. Your job is to care for his body, we will take care of his soul.

7. If there is any eyrping or other bodily messes occurrence while you are working with my son, it is your job to clean it up. Please do not leave the mess for later, the next shift or I will have to clean it up.

8. You might be working with my son, but You are a guest in my house, please show some courtesy towards my family.

9. This is not a zoo please do not feel you have to stare at us for hours on end.

10 My purse is not your personal ATM, If you need money go to your employer or family.

11. If you get your self into debt it is not my responsibility to get you out of debt.

12. My house is not your shopping mall, If you need makeup, kitchen items, religious articles, or anything else, ask your parents, or go shopping.

13. If you decide to skip your mood altering prescription drugs, please feel free to skip work that day, I really don't need to deal with your break from reality or anger management issues.

14. Please do not treat my son like a brick. He may not be able to talk to or see you, but he has feelings and a great sense of humor.

15. If you are sick Please, Please, Please do not come to work. When you get my son sick, it leads to long days and nights caring for a sick son. I have noticed that in the past you have not volunteered to stay up all night with him.

On the other hand there are things I don't mind at all.

1. You may fold and put away my sons laundry any time you want.

2. You may straighten and dust his room any time you want.

3. If his shelves are in a jumble please feel free to organize them, this is not one of my strong points.

4. You may talk to him all you like, he really will listen. Did I mention he has a great sense of humor and likes girls and music.

5. The following things always need to be done, vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, straighting his bathroom.

Please do not miss construe this to mean that we don't like you, the opposite is true. Just remember that your place of business is our home and refuge. That we like everyone else, likes down time and family time.

Thank you for reading my rant. Please feel free to pass this along to other families who use care givers on a regular basis.

Have a wonderful day and enjoy your families.