My 1 Million Row Challenge

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Teri is Off

This morning after a week of packing we loaded Teri's car to the brim and then some. It is a good thing that dad decided to leave his lap top at home, there would not have been room. They did stop at Carl's Jr for lunch and had to stop at 3 Boarder Patrol check points all with in California. That seems a bit much. They have arrived safely at their first stop on there journey and rumor has it that they will be having dinner at Cozumel's across from the hotel. The food is just wonderful.

At Teri's law school I am wondering if they will think that we are divorced , since we usually play tag team with Eric with one parent staying home and the other going with Teri. I went to the first event and John is doing the drop off and move in. Not to mention a long 2 day car trip so Teri will have her car there if she needs it.

Teri and John are off to a good adventure, they have never done a father daughter solo trip before. But I think that they will have a good time. This will also give John a chance to see what he is paying for, for the next 3 years. I hope that they do not freeze as they head up the coast, it has been a steady diet of 100+ degree days here.

Eric on the other hand spent the morning pouting, figuring that if he pouted long enough that Teri and John would turn right around and come home. When that did not work he decided to have a fun day at camp.

I on the other hand relaxed and spent some time cleaning, the house was very quite so I went after the first pile I saw and moved on to the next. I found time to book appointments and merge Eric's school calendar with mine. Of course there was time to knit and will be time to knit tonight too.

I am thinking of immersing myself in chicklet,movies, books and Tivo till Sunday. Not to mention going out with the girls while Eric is in camp.

Yes I do miss Teri, but if I keep busy enough I should be able to handle this stage of life with grace. After all I have spent the last 22 years getting Teri ready for this day, I should be ready too.

Have a wonderful day.