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Friday, July 3, 2009

Yesterdays Adventure with Eric

We left for the out patient surgery appointment at 11:15 am for a 12 pm appointment. The doctors office told us to go to the northeast outpatient surgery entrance. So Teri and I went to the first door that had a sign that said NE Outpatient surgery entrance. When we found the registration desk Eric's name was not on the list and the receptionist told us that this was for unit 600 outpatient surgery. and that Eric's appointment was at the NE outpatient surgery entrance in the middle of the building. Our first thought was what the heck was unit 600 as if we were suppose to know. Our second thought was why would anyone give 2 different entrances the same name? I will ponder that at a latter time or maybe not.

Well there was the usual paper work and waiting. The as usual we were moved to another room for more paper work and waiting. They had to find another anaesthesiologist because the one that they had scheduled was stuck somewhere else. I have to say that I really like Mark the fill in, he had a great bedside manor and got the IV in in one shot on a kid with very small veins. Thank you very much Mark.

While I was with Eric getting the IV, I sent Teri and John to get lunch, they do an excellent job of getting meals, they can handle a hospital cafeteria with the best of them. We figured that Eric would be done soon after we were done eating a leisurely lunch, boy were we wrong. Mark finally came out and said that everything went well and that Eric was in recovery. Dr.LaCorte the dentist said that there were only a couple of fillings, Eric's teeth were clean and now had a nice shine and it looked like there was room for all the wisdom teeth to come in with no problems.

Eric seemed to be in recovery for a long time. I had not only had lunch but was ready to add another skein of yarn to the purple what ever it is going to be in progress. They finally said the we could come back at about 3 p.m. to see him. Eric was so mad at me, but he was recovering nicely. John got Eric dressed and we headed home about 3:30.

Eric was so mad at us that it cost us 2 country music Cd's and a brand new Elmo before he would talk with us. I would like to thank Kayla, Eric's afternoon aide for her help with Eric after a long day. John and Teri whom made a great dinner.

Eric had an uneventful night with no wild eyrps and woke up in a wonderful mood. Well it is time to start the laundry. Have a great day everyone.