My 1 Million Row Challenge

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Our Adventure

Today is the day for Eric's out patient dental surgery. There is a lot to get done before we leave today. If we get to come home I will blog about today,tonight. If we get to spend the night at the "Club" ie TMC peds ward I will tell you about our adventures in dentistry at a later date.

So I am going to pack for the contingency of staying and hope it is for not. After all there is yarn to pack,knitting mags, clothes and toiletries for me. Eric must have his special Project Linus blanket, the one he got when he was 5. I would like to thank that quilter from long ago, you have made a lasting positive impact on Eric's life. Then there is the current favorite Elmo and pods to find. Pod casts to down load.

It is time to get caffeinated and busy.