My 1 Million Row Challenge

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hi My Name is Sheri and I...

Hi my name is Sheri and I am addicted to yarn. You are probably saying to yourselves that all knitters have yarn so what's the big deal. How can someone be addicted to yarn, after all you can't eat it or drink it. Yarn has no calories. Yarn is pretty and soft and comes in so many different colors. This addiction comes from not the yarn it self but the quantities that I have amassed over the past 5 years.

I have yarn stored in my closet, ok so 4 roll aways, a couple of bags and 1- 96 quart container of yarn and all my knitting needles aren't that bad. I have also over taken the entire shelve in the hall closet. There are a couple of baskets with works in progress and 8 - 96 quart boxes and a bag in the garage. This is all the yarn that I am willing to admitting to. There is some more in nooks and crannies that I have forgotten about.

I am sure that if I did not buy another skein of yarn for the next year or 3 I might be able to get it down to a reasonable level of yarn. It's not that I don't knit enough, I carry my knitting every where I go. Doctors appointment's with Eric, lunch with friends, to the mall, in the movies,at night in front of the tv, I think you are beginning to get the picture. I knit every where, all the time. I even keep an emergency stash of yarn in one of my glove compartments of my car.

I can't bare to part with all my yarn until after I have played with it. I find yarn relaxing. I have been known to fall asleep while knitting. John prefers that I knit while he drives, he says I am less of a back seat driver that way.

I do some charity knitting, but a lot of charities want everything made from acrylic yarn, which is not an option for me. Something in the acrylic causes my skin to peel off and I don't like that at all.

So My solution has been to open an on-line store at Art Fire to try to sell what I knit. So far my shop which I opened May 28, 2009 has not had a sale. I have taken the advice of other knitters and on-line shop owners and have re-photographed everything. I have added value sets and have a range of prices. So now it is up to you my dear readers to help me over come this addiction by shopping and letting your friends know about the site. .