My 1 Million Row Challenge

Friday, July 24, 2009

The Adventures of the Purple Skirt

Today is a typical Friday, except that I wore my purple skirt. I usually only wear this skirt on weekends. It is a very lovely skirt, with a big twirl and buttons down the front. I absolutely do not know why I wore today except it said wear me please. It was just so polite and leaped into my hands. So what could I do except to indulge the skirt.

Taking Eric to camp involves using a 4 point tie down system for his wheelchair, which involves crawling around the back of the van on hands and knees to make sure that everything is ratcheted down in place. Think of those straps that they use in moving van except on the floor of the car. Once we get to camp the process is reversed, crawling around to release the straps.

Today after I dropped Eric off at camp I was lucky enough to meet the Friday Fun Knitters at the Foothills Mall food court. It was drink refill time. As I was getting up to get my refill a friend noticed that there was a tear in my skirt, but it should be easy to fix because it was on a seam line.

After a lunch with Nancy and Natalie, it was time to get back to the reality of chores.

Unbeknown to me I picked the skirt eating cart at the supermarket. The wheels would leap out and grab my skirt, and being busy shopping without my list and trying to remember what we needed, I can honestly say that I did not notice till my skirt was being pulled off by the cart. I must of had to untangle my skirt from the cart at least a dozen times. I know that it was quite amusing to the other shoppers. You would think that they would have something on the wheels to prevent them from eating skirts. By the time I got home I could not face what new damage had been inflected on the purple skirt and promptly threw it in the laundry. My day of reckoning will come soon enough. This is the second skirt that has bit the dust do to be attacked by Eric's wheelchair this season.

So the moral of this story has to be that now, no matter how much a pretty skirt says wear me during the week instead of the weekend and you know you will be doing chores, you must be firm with the skirt and tell it no.