My 1 Million Row Challenge

Monday, November 14, 2016

Not Blue

I have officially ran out of the powder blue envelopes that we bought for Teri's Bat Mitzvah over a decade ago. So I guess it is time to start going through the birthday party invitation envelopes.  So it might be a few more years before I run out of fun envelopes. It might be a while before we move on to plain white ones.

I do believe that we are using less envelopes because of the advent of e-mail. It is so quick and easy to use. Which would also explain why the postal systems worldwide are having so much trouble financially . So less snail mail less envelopes and stamps.

I wonder if these are the transitions that are freaking people out. Causing people to retreat to the past. I personally like change and learning new things. I think it keeps my mind young and active. So lets see where this change takes us.