My 1 Million Row Challenge

Monday, June 13, 2016

I Have A Plan

After a very busy day, I was looking forward to a nice quite night.  Well Eric had other plans.  His MTBF is holding steady, yes he is feeling yucky tonight.  Which brings up the next subject. Eric does not like he acronym MTBF, which is mean time between failures, an engineering term.  Hence forth it will be called MTBY, mean time between yuckies, an Eric term.  

Since we will be home tomorrow, I plan on getting as much spinning as I can done. There is a reason behind all this spinning. First it really hurts my hands when I knit right now, the arthritis has settled in them for a while.  Second it is suppose to be 113f here in Tucson on Sunday.  I figure since we will be home all day, it would be a perfect day to wash and dry yarn.  Hopefully this will keep the garage a little cooler and the yarn will dry a little faster.  

Needless to say if you were expecting me anywhere tomorrow, sorry.  Someone we all know and love will be keeping me busy.