My 1 Million Row Challenge

Saturday, June 18, 2016


Today it reached ,you guessed it 110f tomorrow should be warmer.  So I got the laundry finished before 9:00 am. The grocery store was empty. It is nice shopping in summer. We just had a kick back day.  It is suppose to be warmer tomorrow.  So my plan is to wash a sink full of freshly spun yarn. Then hang it in the garage to dry. It will also keep the garage a little cooler and dry the yarn faster.  I might even warp the loom.  I ran out of energy today. 

Once Eric figured out that I was serious about not being able to knit, he let me bring in a spinning wheel to his room. I spun 2 single ply art yarns.  It was just about right for my hands today. I will wash them tomorrow too.