My 1 Million Row Challenge

Monday, May 30, 2016

Bits and Pieces

I have finally found a pair of pants that fits after a 2 year search. This is very good news.  As usual the there is a down side.  I can't find another pair of pants with the UCP code 7-06254-39523-8 at any Macy's store in Tucson or on line at Macy'  If anyone from Macy's reads this blog post please consider restocking this style of pants. 

I started a new round of deep cleaning this afternoon and have already filled one box. Hopefully by next weekend I will have a few more boxes filled and dropped of at the Goodwill.  I also had to tink a scarf that was halfway finished, because it started unraveling at the bottom.  So much for starting a scarf while watching a movie.  

Also keep those tabs coming in.. Eric has just dropped off the latest batch to our Tucson Ronal McDonald House. For those keeping track it was 25.9 pounds of tabs.  I think that my dad would have been very proud of Eric for his commitment to collecting tabs to help the sick kids.