My 1 Million Row Challenge

Friday, January 8, 2016

Time Warp

There comes a time in every moms lives called the time warp.  I have entered the time warp. It comes when Eric gets into a cycle of getting sick, recovering some then going back to his program.  Then I just begin to reset my routine, but have not fully recovered from the long nights and broken sleep. Then Eric gets sick again.  After 2 or 3 cycles of this the time warp kicks in. 

I am in the time warp right now.  So that I have trouble sleeping more then 3 hours at a time. So I land up talking a lot of naps.  My meal schedule is so off too, sometimes breakfast at 6 or 7 lunch at 3 pm and then I am not ready for dinner at 6pm so I have an appetizer for dinner. Then I tend to snack too much late at night. 

I am hoping that this cold is the last one Eric will have for a while. I spent the day cleaning and doing laundry.  I am still exhausted but am too hyper to sleep. So I tried spinning lace weight yarn before dinner.  After dinner I finished knitting 2 hats and cast on one more so far.   I am hoping that Eric will sleep tonight and that I can unwind to sleep. I really want to break this cycle.  I am tired of being out of sync.