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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

How to Lighten Your Wallet

I was going to write about Eric and his equine therapy today. About the 2 mintiure horses that competed with each other for Eric time by resting their heads on his lap, one was even licking him.   The equine therapy director said she had never seen these miniature horses take to someone so fast and want to just hang around with someone that they just meet.  Can my friends with farms please enlighten me on this?

Instead I will write about the clueless dude driving a mini van who almost hit Eric while he was in the ramp deployment zone of the Handicapped parking space. You have all seen them the large space right next to the Handicapped parking space marked Van Accessible with the hash lines painted in multiple places in the space.  As I was about to open the passenger door to get my shopping bags, He actually pulled into the ramp deployment zone to park and missed running Eric over by less than 12 inches. I saw him out of the. corner of my eye and grabbed Eric. I ran him up the ramp into the store and made sure he was ok, before I went to get the bags and my purse.  Then the dude decided to park some place else.  

If the van driver had not been so clueless or lazy he would not have had a near miss.  If you want to be a clueless or lazy driver any of the following could happen to you.

You will get a ticket for hitting a wheelchair in the loading zone.  I am not sure what moving violations cost in your area, but it will lighten your wallet.  

Depending on the judge and laws in your area you could lose your drivers license, that will lighten your wallet.  

If you have auto insurance the premium will go up, that will lighten your wallet. If you choose to,drive with out insurance the cost of driving with out insurance will lighten your wallet.  

Depending on the laws in your area you could face jail time.  This will effect your income for the rest of your life.  Oh, and did I mention the legal fees and cost to hire an attorney.  In some areas you are even required to pay for your time in jail.  You might as well hand over your wallet and forget about having one for a while.  

So if you want to have a prosperous year and life, please don't be a clueless driver.