My 1 Million Row Challenge

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Eric's New Washer

Our new washing machine arrived today. We got the LG model WT7700H*A. John did all the research and found the largest, most energy efficient top loader that LG makes.  I would like to say that the washer held what use to be 2 loads in the old washer and did not even top out the new washer.  The washer runs about 30 decibels quieter too, around 50 decibel's instead of 80 decibel's. Did I mention it uses less water too.  

The second load I ran today would have been 1 full load and then some in the old washer.  In the new washer it did not even make a dent in capacity. The new washer weighed the clothes and added just the right amount of water. Kudos go to the engineering team at the LG Washer Group.

The only downside of the whole day was the delivery made by Sears, where we bought the machine.  John had asked the driver  twice, if the machine needed to be leveled. The driver told John that is was self leveling,twice. The delivery man than ran the first wash. We noticed that the machine was noisier and shaking more than the reviews said it would. So John check the position of the tub. The tub was not level.  So John used his level to verify the results.  We called the delivery number and asked that they be sent back to level the new washer. Multiple call were ignored. 

Meanwhile I did some research on the web and found that we could do serious harm to the washer if we used it unbalanced. This upset me to no end that Sears could not install a washing machine properly.  I think that they sell a lot of them too.This made me long for the days of Circuit City, where we bought our last washer when the kids were little.  They got the install done right at the time of delivery. 

By the time I lost it, John figured out how to get the machine level. So how I would some up the day, good job marks go to LG for making a great machine and to John for getting the machine as level as he could. On the other hand Sears needs to make a cheat sheet for its delivery drivers that tells them what each install requires.  They also need to be more responsive to its customers.  Just in case you are wondering Sears did not respond to various tweets on Twitter either.  I guess it is take the money and run. 

The old and new washing machines side by side.  The geek picture of the day is of the 1st load of clothes running.  I could not get the whole tub in the picture.