My 1 Million Row Challenge

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Random Thoughts

It has been quite a while since I painted a frosted cake with cocoa butter and cocoa blended to different shades of brown.  I should do that again soon. 

Getting real tired of parents of special needs kids complaining how hard it is to take care of their children once they have been placed in a group home for someone else to do all the work.  If you really want to complain join the ranks of us who care for our kids all the time.

I am really upset with the person who hit my van that I use to take Eric to his day program. I did not realize how hard or expensive it would be to get Eric around with out the van.  I guess he is not 5 years old or 30 pounds anymore. They really put a huge whole in Eric's life.  

I think I bought too many DVDs for Eric's holiday presents.. I may need to do more shopping. Only 3 gifts were not DVDs.  

It's getting harder to tell the difference between a drunk and distracted drivers on the roads. So please don't drink and drive. For heavens sake please put that cell phone down. If you don't want to pay attention to your driving please be a passenger.  

Hopefully the carpets will be dry enough to put things away tomorrow.  This is getting to be too much for me. Yes I know how unorganized  I normally am, but this is much worse.  Now if I could just remember where I put the?

I love the not on the menu chicken vegetable soup that they make upon request at China Phoenix at Oracle and Ina in Tucson. It can really make my day and is even better than brownies. I love their dim sum too, but don't get there often enough for it.