My 1 Million Row Challenge

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Not as Planned

A little more house cleaning got done today. John found a glitch in the Comcast cable connection for the new cable line we are using.  He managed a patch that should work until we can schedule a service appointment. I did laundry, cleaning the craft room and taking care of Eric.  

I look forward to an interesting week. Eric has some kind of bug with a low grade fever and a wicked cough. The house should be finished this week. Although I do have to ask the contractor why one kitchen panel is not beveled and the color is not like the rest of the doors and drawers. It looks like it is from someone else's kitchen.  The replacement bathroom sink was not the same model so the drain we ordered did not fit. A replacement will be here Wednesday, so that is when the guest bathroom will be done.  

I can't wait until I start putting everything away. There will be major changes.  The old pantry will now be a storage closet. Eric's smart vest machine will no longer be in the middle of the floor. Formula will have its own storage place.  The box clutter will be gone, so will the temporary plastic storage container we have had for a decade.