My 1 Million Row Challenge

Monday, November 9, 2015

Inspiration Comes at Strange Times

Eric is still sick. Eric is tired of being sick and I am tired of Eric being sick. I am exhausted. So I started working on a new knitting pattern to try to relax.  Yes, there is a large disconnect to most people between Eric being sick and a new knitting design. Sometimes I just find it very relaxing to play with yarn. Sometimes it just gets ripped out. Sometimes I put it in the charity pile. Very rarely does it result in a pattern. Yes it is a very easy one with lots of texture. It is a one skein project. This one might just be a little out there for most people, but it is very fun to knit. I just have to finish up the sample and add the narrative about how this pattern came about. Take a picture or two. Then edit the final draft.  Hopefully it will be out sometime this week.