My 1 Million Row Challenge

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Saturday's Progress

The first part of the morning was spent cleaning and organizing the craft room.  I managed to. combine to jewelry supply boxes into one box. I am cleaning the room from left to right.  I am about halfway done.  Right now I am going through all my books, deciding which ones to keep. 

Part of the kitchen remodeling project involves reorganize all the srounding rooms.  So those of those who know me know that the bookcase in the den was 3 deep with books and other stuff. So the second part of the day involved going through all my. Cookbooks and fiber arts books. I am going to let some books go. The knitting books will go to the Old Pueblo Knitting Guild for their raffle prizes.  3 cookbooks have already left the house with my friend Lisa.  I have 2 boxes and 2 bags for Bookman's. This is the picture of today's progress. The top shelf is being reserved for for the TiVo, since John will move the tv to the other side of the den when the kitchen is finished.