My 1 Million Row Challenge

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Peeling Away the Decades

Today I spent cleaning the craft room and bookshelfs. Surprisingly by just putting 8 inches of old books in the Bookman's box, it felt like a big weight has been lifted.  They were all books about parenting a child with disabilities. How to get through individual education plans and how the various diagnosis would affect our life's.  Now that Eric is an adult they are no longer needed. 

I then went on through the piles that got moved into the craft room at the beginning of the remodel. A lot of things were just dumped in mass n the floor.  So every single item was gone through one by one. This is the type of cleaning that I hate with a passion. Magazines are being sorted. Books are coming off the shellfs with books that I want to read being put on the shellfs.  The before and after pictures don't show much progress today, but you can see more carpet.