My 1 Million Row Challenge

Saturday, October 10, 2015


The remodeling has brought about a lot of changes real and imaniged. Real changes included Eric's nebulalizer over heating to the point it could not be used any more. The dead nebulizer is pictured below. So I pulled the spare nebulizer out today. Yes, we keep a spare nebulizer, doesn't everyone?   I have also been throwing away old preschool and elementary school arts and crafts projects. Yes all the old and dusty relics have made it to the bin.  I  would like to point out that I really can throw things out. I will spend more time going through the rest of the shellfs tomorrow so construction in that area can begin on Monday. 

I also spent the afternoon clearing multiple craft project off the large couch.  I will try to keep project on the couch to a minimum.  Shelfs had been ordered to help organize the craft room.  We now have room to put in shellfs since the treadmill has been moved out.  Yes, I have lost a hiding place.  

The imaniged changes include a stack of yarn boxes in the garage from my last yarn stash reorganization a few years ago. Since clutter is disappearing at a good rate, they are now visible.  Please do me a favor, if you are a fellow knitter and have gotten yarn out of one of those boxes or you remember me putting them there, please let John know that they did not move in to the garage this month.  Another imaniged  change was on my part. I thought that we could not move forward with the remodel until the tv was relocated to the other side of the room. This is actually going to result in the tv being moved.  John has ordered parts.  After that happens we will need volunteers to help John move the furniture around. 

So ther you have it, the real and imaniged changes for the week.