My 1 Million Row Challenge

Saturday, August 8, 2015


The issue came up again this week.  Would I endorse a new product.  The answer today was no, because after trying out 3 different versions of the product, I could not get one to work for me.  Yes I did understand that it was a local artist who created the items and was already endorsed by another local artist. The item was very pretty but not functional for me.  If it had been functional one would have come home with me today.

What good would my endorsement be to you, if I endorsed everything that came my way. If I shilled every product weather I like it or not.  Even the biggies in business like HSN or your local retailer evaluate things before they put them on the shelves.  

The only products that I currently recommend are ones that John or I have purchased and we use on a regular basis.  I hope that this provides sufficient clarification on the matter. If you would like a list of items I currently endorse without payment from the manufacturer please contact me.