My 1 Million Row Challenge

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Formula Everywhere

Today was a good day for spinning.  I have a lot of yarn drying on the line. I got 3 skeins spun, 2 of art yarn and 1 skein of Shetland.  I have almost finished another hat too.  

My sister Karen and I went to the Tucson Museum of Art today.  They had some pretty neat Pre-Cloumbian spindles.  They were so thin and and light.  No wonder yarn and thread were so precious back then.  It must have taken months to spin enough yarn or thread to make anything.  The lace was pretty neat too.  

Tonight we had a formula leak. Everything had to be changed.  So at 8 pm I started another load of laundry.  So Snoopy and a whole load of laundry are running.  Eric is much happier now that he is dry and I am doing more laundry.  For some reason Eric likes it when I do laundry.