My 1 Million Row Challenge

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Thrush Again!!!

Believe it or not Eric has thrush again. This time he was not even sick or on any antibiotics.   So between the thrush that Eric has and the cold going around his day program, not to mention staffing issues, he will be home helping me for the rest of the week. Yes I have thrown out the toothbrush, toothpaste tube and have sanitized the electric toothbrush. All have been replaced with brand new or newly cleaned items.

On the bright side I am almost through my current deluge of laundry, just please don't tell Eric. I really need to finish the samples for my new patterns and get one ready to print up by Thursday. Then it would be nice to finish the scarf on the loom and any UFO's that can be finished. Oh, did I mention I do not have my piece to model for the Guild Fashion show a week from Thursday.  I am debating using one of the UFO's or taking some Addi turbos circulars in a 10 or 11 and a skein of sock yarn and just whipping up something while on the plane and airport wait time later in the week.

The house is almost ready for a girl friend to come and stay with Eric while John and I sneak off for a few days for a late 30th or early 31st wedding anniversary trip. So the plans are on a need to know basis. If you don't already know the details you did not need to know. I do promise a few pictures along the way.