My 1 Million Row Challenge

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


I can honestly say that I might have overdone it by more than a little. My goal today was to wash 3 loads of laundry, take all of Teri's Charity boxes to Goodwill, make dinner and, and, and, I think I might have recycled the rest of the list when I got too tired.

About 2/3 of what Teri had for Goodwill filled up the center of the van. So I dropped that off and debated weather I should finish the job today. I was sore and tired but not ready for lunch, so I thought what the heck and finished tallying and loading Teri's stuff into the car. Then there was still room in the car so I decided to gather our stuff for Goodwill. I managed to fill the van yet again. The guy at Goodwill did not believe that I had managed to fill up the center of the van twice in a few hours. I can honestly say that I got a lot of stuff out of the house that will not come back again.

This left me a little to tired to move let alone cook lunch for myself. So instead of going for my 1st idea, which was a couple of donuts and a cup of tea, I went home. The pomegranate looked and tasted great, but it was still not enough for lunch so I added a couple of Justin's dark chocolate peanut butter cups to top things off. The peanut butter had the protein and who can say no to dark chocolate.

I found a little time to get some holiday shopping done before it was time to pick up Eric. Eric had a great time at his day program today. I am so happy that he is well enough to go to program. I even managed to get a little more cleaning done before it was time to make dinner. I wonder if I am going to be fired for not spraying the casserole dish with Pam? Well it is time to fold the last of the laundry and hopefully knit a few more hats after dinner.