My 1 Million Row Challenge

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Article 9

Dear Article 9,

We need to get something straight here. I am sure that you are a wonderful law with many good features.  This being said you have gone too far into my families laundry.  I am sure that your intent is for my sons aides not to do the family laundry.  I can really understand this.  

However when aide after aide comes into to my home after completing your required training and tells me it is against the law or somehow illegal for me to wash laundry for the whole family together, something is drastically wrong.

Lets get something straight, 3 people live under my roof. I do the laundry for all 3 people who live under my roof. I do not feel that you have the right to tell me how to do laundry for my family in my home. I already do an average of 25 loads of laundry a week, if I were required to do my husbands and my laundry completely separately  from our sons laundry, that would up my workload up by 3 to 4 extra loads of laundry per week.  Since we are fast approaching an epic 1,000 year drought event; and you do not pay my water or electric bills. Let alone for my time or washing supplies. I respectfully request that you stay out of my laundry room.

I am sure that the government has more important things to worry about than my laundry.


One Tired Mom