My 1 Million Row Challenge

Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Hat Lady

Today it was in the mid 90's when I went to the Flowing Well School District office. I was really hoping that they would take the 11 scarves and 63 hats that almost filled an XXL Ziplock Bag. John really wanted them out of the house. 

I was greeted by it's the hat lady. They were more than happy to take everything that I brought, even though it was still hot outside.   Even better they said that the kids loved the hats. 

Yes, you know me well. The next batch of hats and scarves are already in the works. I cast on 2 more hats today. I also finished the 1st hat of the next batch. I am also past the halfway point in the next baby blanket. 

So I think I really came to the right decision yesterday. I am back to creating and making.  The invisible pressure is off.