My 1 Million Row Challenge

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Letting Go

Some dreams are hard to let go of. Take my Etsy shop for example. I am just not selling anything. It is way more money out then money in. So I have spent the last month or so deciding weather I should continue it or not. Then G'd puts someone in the right place at the right time.

I was standing in line outside the opening of the new Whole Foods Market on Oracle this morning. I was knitting as usual. I was working on a wool hat. Then the unexpected happened. A woman behind me asked why I was knitting a wool hat in the middle of the summer heat. I told her that this was a charity hat for local kids in need. Now this is where the conversation gets even stranger. She said that she had just retired from the Flowing Wells School District where I had donated bags full of hats and scarfs last winter. "Last year some one donated a whole lot of hats just like the one I was knitting. All homemade. The kids just loved them. Sometimes even wearing them in the classroom to show that they had a new hat."

She then asked where these hats were going? I told here that I just drop them off at the superintendent's office of the Flowing Wells School district and then they take care of the rest. That brought a smile to her face. In that moment my mind was finally made up. Everything that I have earmarked for sale that does not involve silk or other fussy yarn will go to the kids.

This does not mean that I won't take on commissions. It just means that I will put more energy into designing patterns, charity knitting, weaving and other fiber arts. I will not be knitting in hopes that I can sell something. I know a few of you who are very close to me will say thank goodness and at last.

It also means that more knitting will leave the house. I know someone that will be very happy with this decision. It also means that I won't get depressed over my lack of sales, or waste hours of thinking how I can fix this.  Now it is time to spring sloppy joe's on John.