My 1 Million Row Challenge

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

You Don't Look Old Enough

I was offered a senior discount for the first time today. Then the cashier said I did not look old enough to get the discount, so I had to pull out my id to get the 20% discount. I felt like I was 30 all over again trying to prove that I was over 21 and entitled to buy a glass of wine.

Age is a funny thing. It not only takes genetics, but a whole host of factors such as how much time did you spend in the sun before 20. How many sun burns did you get? Did you wear sun screen or baby oil while you were out in the sun? Did you wear wide brimmed hats or did you insist on the perfect hair all the time? Do you use moisturizer and sun screen daily on your face and hands even in the winter? Did you try to eat healthy or eat nothing but junk food? What type of life style did/do you lead?

I can say that I have been wearing wide brimmed hats for a long time. I have been using a moisturizer with sun screen since my early 20's. But is that really it. I can remember at 16 when I took my brother and his friend to Magic Mountain for the day. I had to pull out my drivers license to prove that I was 16 and old enough to supervise the 2 boys. The cashier still charged me the 12 and under rate because she said I did not look 16 and was sure that the license was a fake, but she still let us in with me as the supervising adult.  The heck with what the drivers license said.

On the other hand I know people who can pass for 5 or more years older than they are and no one gives that a second thought. Some are taller and some are shorter, so it can't all be the height thing. All I know is that it starts to happen at about 6 months of age. So if you look younger than your age have that id ready and get those senior discounts.