My 1 Million Row Challenge

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Moving Forward

I think I have fianally gotten out of my rut. It only took core spinning 3 skeins of yarn this afternoon.  The good news is that I have finished using all that yucky roving. The last skein is soaking right now. With the hummidity in the teens even with the core they should be dry sometime tomorrow. The bad news is that I can feel my finger joints throbbing.  

I think that the rest of the week will be more productive. I also have figured out where I can send some roving to, to do some stash busting.  I know someone who is doing some felting and this would be perfect for her. 

I also got the last bit of sewing done. Tomorrow the sewing machine will go in for service. Since it is mid March, I hope it will only take a week because most snowbirds are gone.  

It is time to get things ready for tomorrow.