My 1 Million Row Challenge

Monday, January 13, 2014

10 Dozen

After knitting more than 10 dozen hats without a break for any other knitting project, I seemed to loose my knitting mojo. I guess to much of anything, even knitting hats for kids in need can be too much. So I am changing my game plans just a little. The yarn I had reserved for hats will now go into poncho's for kids. I will of course finish the hat currently on the needles.

If you would like to make a few ponchos with me,I will be using this Lion Brand Yarn Pattern , the 
Downtown Tot Poncho pattern which is free. The yarn listed is discontinued, but you can use any yarn you would like. I am going to be using various wool yarns combined to be the right wraps per inch for US size 13 knitting needles. If you are going to be knitting this for charity I would leave off the fringe, because most charities will just cut it off for "safety reasons".

We have had a quiet weekend playing catch up.