My 1 Million Row Challenge

Friday, August 16, 2013

Shoe Follow-up

It has been at least a few weeks since I changed shoe styles. I changed to shoes with more support on the sole and straps across my heels and in some cases feet.  I was very skeptical at first. Even though I did my research on the web.  

The first few weeks all I noticed was a little less pain. Something remarkable has happened in the last week.  All of a sudden my step count went from the 4,000 step per day range to the 10,000 step per day range with a peak of 19,000 steps in one day earlier this week. 

I am not actively trying to add work out time it is just happening on it own. So my very unscientific results suggest that for at least me it is good to have a very supportive and secure shoe. 

Yes I know that most of the shoes are not very stylish. Some look down right clunky.  Most do not look good with skirts or dresses, but I for one am going to go for comfort i.e. my knee not hurting or throbbing.  

My disclaimer is as follows.  No one paid me to do this research.  I paid for the shoes out of my monthly budget. No company is paying for this blog. All opinions are my own.  For specific medical advice please contact your own doctors.