My 1 Million Row Challenge

Sunday, June 2, 2013

A Contrast in Opposites

This weekend was a contrast in opposites. Saturday Eric was a little under the weather and slept most of the day. John had a very restful day too. I spent the day working ( knitting) on Teri's blanket and managed to get 3 modular squares (41 rows per square) done and the 4th one of the day started. I am slowly but surely approaching 200 squares done which should be at about the half way mark if you consider the boarder in the knitting.

Today on the other hand was a very busy one. I spent the morning cleaning house and doing laundry. I stopped doing laundry for the afternoon when it hit 103. The official high at the airport was 107, but it got to a little over 108 at the house today. Instead of running errands this afternoon I tackled my yarn stash in the closet first. What surprised me the most was that I had very little yarn in the closet stash that I did not love. Only 6 or 7 skeins needed to be put in drawers. About 6 skeins I was willing to part with so I will be passing it on to Corina. I do have about 1 1/2 empty drawers but I think I will wait just a bit longer before I move more yarn in.  I then headed to the craft room and went through my knitting bags one by one to clean them out. I pulled a few skeins of what was I thinking and added them to Corina's bag. I also started a bag of smaller balls of yarn that I will use to teach a weaving class to part of Eric;s summer program friends. I found all kinds of knitting needles out of place and put them away too. I know that none of you are surprised that I found a stash of UFOs, some with only a few rows left to knit.

So very early tomorrow I will do my running and get the laundry started. My to do list is already made. When the heat of the day hits I will do more knitting. Hopefully finishing some UFOs in the process. I want to start some new projects, but I really need to get the projects that I have started finished. I think I will put on one more load of laundry tonight and call it a night.