My 1 Million Row Challenge

Tuesday, April 30, 2013


It has been one of those why days. For instance take the app I got for my pod. It is a row counter for my knitting. I just needed some motivation on Teri's blanket. Yes the one I started in her 1L year. I am some where around row 7670, The row counter only goes to 999 rows, why? Didn't they ever knit a queen size blanket on size seven needles? 999 rows just seams so arbitrary to me. Is it just an easier algorithm to write in code?

Yes,  I made a major mistake by volunteering for  401c3. Today it came back to bite me in more ways than one. People are being very petty and have started with the name calling. People are going behind my back on my projects thinking because I don't have an advanced degree or that I have a sick kid that I am automatically incompetent. I just want to scream out that this is not middle school. Not everyone needs a PhD to be competent in what they do. I am also sure that I have had more practice juggling than they have.

I might not have an advanced college degree, but I am one of the best moms around. Being a stay at home mom does not make me stupid. It just means that I made some choices in the last century that I do not regret. I can stretch a buck pretty far. I have raised 2 beautiful children, each perfect in their own way. I have a wonderful marriage to a wonderful man. I am content in my life and have learned that it is not the amount of stuff but the people I allow into my life that matter most to me.

I am an artist at heart. Whether  it is presenting food nicely arranged of the plate, playing with cake and frosting, beads or fiber. That is me. I love to create. I never know where the day will take me. What bumps in the road that I have to iron out. I manage to make it all work. That is what I do. Whether I can tolerate the distraction from this particular charity I really don't know. What I do know is that I have a wonderful life with wonderful people in it. I am personally thinking that most of the people in the 401c3 will not make it into my inner circle.

Thanks for listening tonight. Aren't you glad that I waited several hours to write this? Well the caffeine I had at dinner is starting to wear off. I just might have to rethink this idea of caffeine with dinner.