My 1 Million Row Challenge

Thursday, April 11, 2013

I made it through the day

I should learn never tp read my e-mail before breakfast and tea. I got through today and ended up in a good place.

To get there I did 2 hours of house work which help me a lot. John did not mind either.

I finished knitting another cowl , then went after a UFO. I did not finish that, but I did manage to put at least 6 more inches on the scarf.

This thank you goes out to Kathy Withers my spinning teacher. I think I have begun to get the hang of the small bobbin and flyer on my wheel. I managed to get about the same yardage out of 2 ounces that I normally do with 4 ounces on the jumbo flyer.

A thank you also goes out to Lisa for being there for me today. You are the best.

There might be news on the Teri front. I will let everyone know when things have had time to gel a little more.

The house is trying to turn the lights off, well it actually did so I guess this is good night.